Friday, May 27, 2011

Moving... on

Well, it's been a bit... and the chaos has swelled to high tide and now seems to be receeding.

We have made the move across the country, back to Washington where the Butcher and I lived pre-kids. 

But now we're here with three kids... how things change.

I have decided to take a page from my favorite blogger, Gabrielle Blair of DesignMom.  She's spending the year in France with her husband and six kids and often posts remarkable pictures and stories about their travels and daily lives.  So far, she's offered "tours" of the amazing house they are renting, told stories about French schooling, the markets, their travels, their parties... and more.  So, here is Vancouver, WA...  not quite France.

Here is the house we are renting...

It doesn't have a fancy name like the French house, but I'll come up with something soon... any ideas?

Note the spacious front yard, the extended drive, and the flourishing planting beds....

And here is our "land"...

Alas, there is only room for a table on the patio... our al fresco dining will have to wait.

We have tried to spruce it up with flowers.  Here are some we bought:

And a planter I tried to put together...

And of course, Poe...

Next time I'll show you all the charming attributes of our rental... just like Gabby does.

Kiss Kiss,