Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chaos Wins

Okay, I'll admit it.  I have gotten to a certain age where I find it necessary to use two kinds of deodorants.  I think it's one of those perimenopausal things that Oprah was going on and on about a few years ago... back when I was too young to pay attention to it.

Anyway, I like to use one that you twist and the stuff pops out of some little holes at the top.  Do you know what I mean? 

This morning, I hopped in the shower after my new crunch regimen (another necessity from this "aging" thing), lathered, rinsed (but did not repeat - have you seen how long my hair is?!), hopped out and went to apply my deodorant.

Open, twist the knob and apply to the left arm pit... twist again... nothing happens... twist again... nothing...

Sadly, deodorant is not like hand lotion.  When you're running low, you can't rub two armpits together to spread out the last little bit of deodorant.

Luckily, as I mentioned, I use two kinds.  So I think perhaps chaos and I came out even in this one.

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