Monday, April 23, 2012

Color Therapy

A year in a rental house with white walls is too much.  At least, too much for me to handle.  I would sit on the couch and stare at the white wall and think of all the colors it could be...if only I had the time, money, and inclination to waste all three of these on walls that were not mine.

It is hard to tell the passing of time with a white wall...the sun looks the same shining on it coming up as it does going down. 

It says nothing...conveys nothing...adds nothing to the mood. 

Have you tried enjoying a glass of wine in a white-walled room recently?  I barely survived.  I had to choke it down in ambiancelessness...(I am a trooper though)

So when we were under contract for this house, I started dreaming of colors...and spending a stupid amount of time on Pinterest pinning any color combination I liked.

Until one day when The Butcher and I were walking through Target pricing vacuums (stinkin vacuums - still mourning my Dyson) and we passed a KitchenAid stand mixer in orange.  And an off-handed comment of "I really like this color for some reason" has turned into this...

"Donald Orange" it's called - and yes, we did find it in the Disney color section at Home Depot (however, "more saving" my butt).

And I paired it with a lovely grey, which is now looking a bit blue to me...

What do you think?

(and yes, those shoes - or a combination of shoes - are always in the hallway - and usually many more than this...)

But it's not that the color is looking blue-ish that bothers me... it is THIS:

Now, please don't start in on me...I know that I should mix two gallons (if using two gallons) so the color is consistent - but honestly, I have NEVER, NEVER done that before and things have always turned out great (and I have painted a lot of walls).  Until yesterday...

And after a weekend of busting my butt to get it all done (and asking my 11 year old to make her 8 year old sister's birthday cake so I could just keep painting), well, I'm just really pissed...

But on the bright side - I now have something new to obsess over, proving once again, I am my mother's daughter.

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  1. Love the orange! The grey does look a little blue in the photo with the tv in it. However, in the doorway area, it looks like a very pretty grey color. I will not lie - I can see the line. I'm sorry. However, I LOOOOVVVE the orange!