Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Embracing the Chaos

I am tired of being tired.  I am tired of being overwhelmed... grumpy... harried... unhappy.

I need an attitude adjustment.  I fully acknowledge this.

So, I'm starting an experiment.  It is time to find the beauty in my everyday, to actively seek out something each day that makes me smile, touches my heart, or ignites my imagination.  I'm hoping that by chronicling this "experiment" I can make it stick as a new habit.

Here's the background...  I have three beautiful daughters.  They are smart and funny and unique - and they drive me crazy most days.  I have three part-time jobs.  I love that I have joined the "adult" world again after taking time off to have my kids.  I relish afternoons of diving into creativity - but then, it's awfully hard to fit in 4 hours a day on a computer at your kitchen counter while there are kids around and dishes to do and laundry piling up and...  you get the idea.

And I have a wonderful husband.  He has grand ideas and is really good at starting projects, but the execution is sometimes lacking.  He is my best friend and acknowledges that sometimes he is definitely my 4th kid.

And summer seems to be extra long this year...

And there are still 13 days until school starts.  (sigh)

Well, here goes...

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