Monday, August 30, 2010

Silence and Sandwiches

Oh boy!  There's nothing quite like a few hours of "silence"!

My dear friend took the kids for a few hours (to play with her kids - it's a win/win type thing... I think) and I have been enjoying the "silence".

Well, not total silence.  I've got my Pandora tunes going and, with the windows open, I can hear the crickets and the wind and the kids playing across the street.  Isn't it funny how kids playing across the street sounds so much nicer than kids fighting in the next room?

And since I wasn't worn out by being a short-order lunch cook, I made myself an actual sandwich.  I mean, I got out a frying pan and everything!  Here's a picture of my lovely lunch...

Sometimes there is nothing better in the world than a fried egg sandwich smothered in Miracle Whip (not mayo!) and a big dill pickle.  It makes me think of my mother - it's one of the few types of sandwiches she eats.  And yes, I had to take a bite of the pickle the minute I took it out of the jar... sorry.

So today, the beauty I found in the chaos was a total lack of chaos.  But you may not think that if you saw my kitchen... ; )

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