Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Room With a View

There is nothing quite as chaotic as moving... at least in my mind (except perhaps a new baby, but a new house is almost like a new baby).  And all our moves are ribbon-tied in chaos...  this one did not disappoint.  Let me share...

I had grand plans on Thursday evening to sneak into the house on Friday and clean the bathrooms.  The house has been empty for over a year and the filth had taken over - plus the children had all said they wouldn't use the scary bathrooms.  I realize I have a problem when cleaning bathrooms is exciting... but they are MY bathrooms.  Unfortunately, the sound of vomit hitting a wall at 12:15 a.m. and the frantic call of "Mommmmm" shattered those plans.  So instead of cleaning toilets, I spent Friday fretting over a feverish girl who wouldn't eat while watching 8 Barbie movies (not. even. kidding.) because I had scheduled the cable service to move to the new house that day.

We got word the deal was closed on Friday afternoon and the Butcher spent most of the evening loading up the minivan and carting things to the new house.  At least the fishing boat made it there.

I woke up Saturday with new excitement.  Wrenny seemed better, the sky was clear(ish)... it was gonna be a good day.  That is, until the Butcher tried to vacuum the couch crumbs.  The vacuum rebelled, making a high pitched whirring noise and emitting the lovely smell of smoke.  I have a love-hate relationship with this vacuum (if you know the story of how it fell on my head causing 3 staples, you understand), and right at that moment, I mourned its demise and furiously hated it for crapping out in my hour of need.

So we loaded the van again, crumbs and all, kids and all, and went to OUR house.  Our glorious house (where only one toilet worked at the time - and did I mention it was a dirty toilet?).  We spent the next bit of time unloading the van, cleaning, etc.  The Butcher went to rent a big truck for the stuff we can't cram into the van.  Then I hopped into the van around noon to go get lunch... key into ignition, seat belt clicked, turn the key and ... nothing.  NOTHING!!!  Thank God my friend Caryl was there so I could borrow her BMW (and sweat buckets the whole time I drove it to Taco Bell - my van is OLD and beat up and this is a BMW! and now it smelled like Taco Bell...).

But chaos is nothing compared to a room with a view.  And truly... THIS is the best view in the house.

And yes, I "Instagrammed" it for you so it would look all sexy... because, after all, it WAS dirty...

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