Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Unraveling a sweater

On any given day, it could all unravel... everything.

Everything you've interwoven into everything else could come undone, almost like that game with all the sticks holding up the marbles.  You pull the wrong stick and all the marbles come tumbling down, clanking and banging and rolling under the couch where you'll never find them.

And what can cause the unraveling??  Oh, well...

Yesterday it just so happened to be a bad sitcom on CBS.  I was sitting on the couch after a day of working and running kids and laundry and cooking dinner and everything else we all try to shove into a day, enjoying a glass of box wine (I have finally understood the concept of "budget") when a small Asian man walks into the scene wearing a sweater I own.  Gasp....  Why is a small Asian man wearing a woman's sweater.... that.I.own???

Now, I have never claimed to be fashionable.  I know I am not.  If it isn't put together on a mannequin for me to buy, I can't figure out how to combine things.  I inherited this from my mother. 

But - there is something about a man who is made a goof of on a show wearing clothing that is currently IN your closet (that I'm certain I wore two weeks ago), that really rattles your cage and makes you start thinking about other shortcomings.

Like... not realizing your child needs glasses.  I was surprised to hear the nurse at Abby's yearly check-up tell me she was having trouble reading the eye chart.  The third line down on the eye chart to be exact.  So, I took her to the eye doctor a few weeks later and we picked up her new glasses this past Sunday.  I tried them on yesterday.... my eyes started to water because they were so strong.  How does a mom not know her child can't see?!  AND wear a sweater that apparently is NOT fashionable...

Like...agreeing to giving your daughter a haircut (after a glass of wine).  I find spending money on trimming their long hair is kind of a waste - especially since I only get a haircut about once a year (again, this stupid "budget" thing).  So when Ella asked me to trim her hair yesterday, I said yes.  We gathered all the necessary tools, discussed how much to cut off, and started at it.  I always start in the back, so when I finally got around to her right side where she could see what I'd been cutting, she burst into tears.  TEARS.  Now, admittedly, Ella is a cryer.  But these tears really shocked me.  How could I have misunderstood what she wanted so terribly?  AND wear an ugly sweater...

The funny thing though... I cannot bring myself to get rid of that sweater.  I mean, it cost money, and I hate being cold... and maybe no one else saw that terrible sitcom.  I just hope TBS doesn't pick it up in reruns.... (sigh)

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