Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fashonistas Three

I am not fashionable.  There.  I said it.

In a perfect world, I could wear blue jeans and this green sweatshirt from college all the time.  Just ask any friend of mine from college and they would say, "Ahhh - THAT green sweatshirt..."  (And even a few people I met after college would know what you're talking about.)

And I would always have my hair in a sloppy knot at the nape of my neck.

But I try.  Mostly I try because of the "peer pressure" around me.  That is, all the fashionable mothers on the soccer field or volunteering at the school or sitting in the waiting room at ballet.  Not that they point out that it's the third day in a row I've worn these jeans, or probably even care if my hair has not been colored in 8 weeks.

So I'm a little confused about where my kids got their sense of fashion.  And today, the sheer amount of color, pattern, and sparkly bling between the three of them has been making me smile all day.

It began when Ella came down the stairs in a longish shirt and leggings.  "Do these leggings go with this dress, Mom?"  Dress?!  What dress?!

"Well, I guess, but you need a skirt to go with that shirt and over those leggings," was my response.  And then I thought to myself, "Right?"  I have no idea.  Are you supposed to wear longish shirts with just leggings?  But then it seems to me your rear end is hanging out there for anyone to look at.

Next she came down with the same longish shirt, the same leggings, and a floral skirt (almost as short as the shirt).  "Does this go together, Mom?"

Hmmmmm...  Well, the shirt has purple and the skirt has purple...  But "together"??

"Try again, Ella.  Maybe a solid skirt," I said.  But it was said without much conviction, because I wasn't really sure.

In the end, Abby picked a skirt out for her.  I didn't think it looked all that great, but Ella did.

And then Abby came down...  Suddenly the girl who always wears her long hair in a terrible, limp pony tail has brushed it till it's straight and shiny.  The headband she chose matched the skirt - and they were both plaid (shopping with Grandma - check my earlier post).  Her shirt had more sparkles than my wedding dress...

And then Wren got dressed for her first day of school...

And then I put on some blue jeans and a grey pull over...

So today, I am incredibly happy and finding great joy in the fact that my kids are not like me - that they are not crippled by color combinations and whether or not having your rear hang out is alright.  They are comfortable in their own skin (and bright clothes covered in bling).  I love that.  Please God, don't let them lose that!

And now, since I know you're dying to see...
Ella - note the "longish" shirt
Abby - note the monkeys on the socks
Wren - what is not included in this picture is the pink poncho with red hearts that she wore to school

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  1. Those outfits are absolutely adorable, Sara! As a fellow fashion-impaired mom, I can relate to everything you're saying. Next to clothing, my biggest struggle is styling my daughter's hair (my own too, come to think of it!). I think I missed the hairstyling class somewhere along the way. I also love the picture at the top of your blog. It speaks a thousand words!