Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Nice Spot to Read

Yesterday it sprinkled on and off all day.  At about 2:00, Abby was complaining about nothing to do and decided to read.  So I told her to "go read."  Then the problem was she wanted to be around people... but not her little sisters.  I don't think they qualify as "people" for her.

I tend to ignore this type of griping and groaning and sat back down at my desk - which is actually the kitchen counter.  The next thing I know, this is where she ended up:

I was sneaky taking the first picture.  By the second one she had caught me.

What is beautiful about this is that she chose to be near me.  She dragged her beanbag down to the kitchen to get close to me.

I am a pretty "hands off" type of mother.  All my girls are very independent, and Abby more so than the other two.  She is not one to seek me out or ask for my company.  She never asks for help on homework or much else for that matter.  Although I would be more than willing to help.  For several years now, I've felt like she just doesn't need me that much.

So it was really a privilege that she chose to be near me.

And then later, in a rare family TV viewing time (Dave Matthews Band on Ellen!!), she cuddled up next to me and we sat "cheek to cheek" (the bigger kind of cheek!).

As she approaches the pre-teen category and her desire to be near me wanes, it was really a wonderful gift that she gave me yesterday.  And she doesn't even realize it...

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